Bilkent Holding

Bilkent Holding - Our Common Values

Our common values constitute a fundamental guideline for all companies and their staff operating under the roof of Bilkent Holding. They form the main cornerstone in all our dealings both within and without our institution.


  • We inquire about all developments (sectoral, economical, technological etc.), as well as all innovation and opportunities that may have an impact on our business.
  • Employing a creative approach, we implement developments that could take our business further.
  • We aspire to take advantage of all professional development tools (reading, searching, experimenting, welcoming feedback etc.), fostering an ongoing professional and personal improvement process.
  • We are proactive and extroverted in our social relations, making efforts to develop effective cooperation and establish fruitful relationships.
  • We swiftly adapt ourselves to novel procedures and approaches that are part of our business environment (technological, systematical, standards etc.); and alter ourselves and our operations accordingly.
  • We strive to increase efficiency and generate added value within our field of operations.


  • Our depth of knowledge, experience and expertise in all our respective responsibilities inspire trust in all those around us.
  • We take responsibility for all our decisions and actions; and stand by their consequences.
  • We perform any job we undertake on time and accurately without compromising quality standards.
  • We keep all our promises (including verbal ones); and do not make any promises that we cannot keep.
  • We have an honest and transparent approach in all our dealings with stakeholders (clients, suppliers, employees, subsidiaries etc.), ensuring mutually fair business affairs.


  • We each regard ourselves as a member of a larger Bilkent family, and emphasize "we" rather than "I".
  • In all our endeavors, we are deeply committed to the greater mission of all Bilkent companies, which is to make an "enduring contribution to education."
  • We are thoroughly aware of all our duties and responsibilities in all our conduct.
  • We value unity, harmony, solidarity and common interest; and behave accordingly in our dealings with other companies in our group.
  • We regard ourselves as long-term employees of Bilkent Group.


  • We ensure that we reflect the dignity of our respective companies and Bilkent Holding consistently under any condition (with our words, manners, behavior, appearance etc.).
  • We embrace long-term relationships and we do not compromise our principles.
  • We rigorously uphold legal and ethical rules, and ensure that they are followed strictly.

Our Common Values are at the heart of everything each of us do at Bilkent Holding.