Bilkent Holding

Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission

Bilkent Holding will continue to grow stronger due to the first-class reputation of its Bilkent brand, its leading positions in numerous industries, its sound financial structure, its experience acquired over a 40-year history, as well as, its respect for legal and ethical values.

The vision set forth by Bilkent Holding is to ensure that Bilkent Holding and its companies:

Vision and Mission become global names by achieving the “best performance” in every industry in which they operate; and, contribute towards a more sustainable future of the planet by adopting the indispensable principle of respect for humans and the environment.

The mission of Bilkent Holding is:

To make Bilkent University one of the most prominent educational institutions in the world by transferring all its resources to the University that it gains through its endeavors by using a contemporary, reliable, competitive and dynamic management approach.